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1/1024th Native American, 100% liar



Ahead of Elizabeth Warren’s much anticipated speech today at the Native American Presidential Forum in Sioux City, IA, here’s a quick reminder for you: Warren is not a Native American – she lied about being one in order to claim minority status at a critical point in her career. In the “tip sheet” used at the time by law school deans looking to hire minority professors, Warren began listing herself as Native American starting in 1986 (the year before she was hired at Penn) and stopped listing herself as such in 1995 (the year she was hired at Harvard).   Warren’s explanation for why she chose to list herself as a minority for that decade period has never made any sense, and has been a shifting story that includes statements like: 

  • Her grandfather’s “high cheekbones” provided proof of Native American lineage.
  • She knew she was Native American because her parents supposedly eloped, a claim that has been called into question.
  • “Being Native American has been part of my story, I guess, since the day I was born.” (if so, then why did she only start identifying as such in 1986 and then go back to listing herself as white in 1996?)

 Oh and fun fact, Warren’s deceit at the time went so deep she was even described as Harvard Law’s “first woman of color” in a law review article. 

Politico, 5/15/12 Want further proof Warren’s camp is still reeling from the Native American lie?  CNN reported yesterday her team is planning to remove their slickly produced “fact squad” website devoted to defending Warren on this issue after it received sharp criticism from Native American groups. The “fact squad” site contains a five minute video attempting to prove Warren was Native American, and included lines like this: “DNA analysis concludes that there is ‘strong evidence’ that Elizabeth’s DNA ‘contains Native American ancestry.’” All of which of course is completely untrue.  Warren’s DNA test showed she was actually as little as 1/1024th Native American, with a Native American ancestor possibly dating back six to 10(!) generations. If reporting on Warren’s speech today, please use this quote from me: “Before Elizabeth Warren can be taken seriously on Native American issues, she must first admit the obvious: she lied about being one to gain minority status at a time when Ivy League law schools were desperate to add diversity to their ranks.  Her campaign’s decision to stop their pathetic excuses on this issue should tell you all you need to know about her disastrous handling of it.”

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