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4 NYC Homeless Men Brutally Murdered In ‘American Psycho’-Style Killings


There’s a new ‘American Psycho’ prowling the streets of New York City.

Four homeless men were found murdered in Lower Manhattan Saturday morning. Police said the men were attacked and beaten to death, likely while they slept. A fifth man was found badly wounded, but alive.

Police discovered the first two victims after responding to a report of an assault in progress on Bowery Street near Doyers Street in Chinatown shortly before 2 am on Saturday morning, CNN reports.

The attacker fled as police approached, but officers soon found two men, both with severe head trauma after being bludgeoned with a bat or a pipe. One was pronounced dead at the scene. Another was taken to New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital.

A search of the area turned up three more victims with similar head trauma, all pronounced dead at the scene. Two of the men were discovered in front of a store on East Broadway, another was found across the street.

Police then spotted the suspected assailant – he was reportedly carrying a three-foot-long, blood-covered metal poll that he had apparently stolen from a construction site. The 24-year-old man was taken into custody, but police haven’t released his name, though they did say they believe the suspect is also homeless.

NYC’s homeless population has exploded in recent years as housing prices and rents have soared, and the killings will almost certainly draw attention to the homelessness crisis gripping the city. Notably, the killings are reminiscent of a scene from the movie ‘American Psycho’, based on a novel by Brett Easton Ellis, where the movie’s anti-hero, Patrick Bateman (played by actor Christian Bale), stabs and kills an unsuspecting homeless man.