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5 Senior Citizens Caught Having Sex With 85-Year-Old Woman


A total of six seniors citizens are facing charges for engaging in lewd activities at a conservation area in Connecticut.

As report by the Associated Press, police confirmed that five men and one 85-year-old woman were apprehended earlier this month for having sex at the Grae Richardson conservation area in Fairfield, Connecticut. (RELATED: Liam Hemsworth Files For Divorce From Miley Cyrus)

Daniel Dobbins, 67, Otto D. Williams, 62, Charles Ardiot, 75, John Linartz, 62, Richard Butler, 82, and Joyce Butler, 85, have all been charges with breach of peace or public indecency, reports the CT Post.

The area is, according to Police, a well known spot advertised on the internet for people to meet up for sex.

Surveillance in the area reportedly shows the group of seniors engaging in several violations of public indecency. However, the police released them all on the condition that they will appear before a court at the appropriate date

At least one of the suspects, Dobbins, has a history of being arrested for similar charges. In May of 2017, he was arrested by police after witnesses reported a man walking around naked in a public park. Dobbins was later found in his car without any underwear.