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7 High-Quality Gloves That Will Keep Your Fingers Toasty All Winter Long


From scraping ice off your car’s windshield to remembering to turn the space heater off, winter comes with its challenges. And even something as simple as keeping your hands warm while you run errands or walk the dog can be somewhat tricky. After all, there are a lot of different types of gloves out there, but as you’ve likely learned, they’re definitely not all created equal. But don’t worry, below are seven must-have pairs that are far from average, and their great prices will definitely make you feel warm inside.

Check out these awesome gloves for yourself!

Knit Touchscreen Gloves – $10.99

You should never miss a call or text simply because you’re standing outside. And with these super-comfortable knit touchscreen gloves, you can easily swipe, tap, and even hold your phone with ease. But don’t worry, their fashionable black design will have you looking very chic the whole time.

Get the Knit Touchscreen Gloves for just $10.99 (reg. $19).

Insulated Touchscreen Gloves – $29.98

Made of stretch knit fleece fabric, these gloves conform to your hands like an extra layer of skin, allowing you to easily use your phone while out and about. They’re designed to be compatible with any size smartphone screen, even those extra-large ones, and boast an extra layer of Polar fleece inside to keep your hands extra toasty.

Get the Insulated Touchscreen Gloves for $29.98 (reg. $49).

Cold-Weather Leather Gloves (Black) – $34.99

You should never let a bulky pair of gloves cramp your style, and with these chic, leather ones, you’ll never have to worry about that. Suitable for outdoor activities or perfect for pairing with a more formal look, these gloves are incredibly versatile. And with their faux-fur lining and rubber wrist feature, you can rest assured your hands will feel as warm as they are stylish.

Get the Cold-Weather Leather Gloves in black for $34.99 (reg. $42).

STOGO All-Day Antimicrobial Gloves – $22.99

Featured on Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, and Market Watch, these highly-regarded gloves manage to combat 99% of germs and bacteria they come into contact with in under two hours thanks to their use of ViralOff® polygiene technology. Plus, since they’re comprised of recycled silver, polyester, and paper, they’re one of the few gloves out there that are actually sustainable. They’re even touch-screen friendly!

Get the STOGO All-Day Antimicrobial Gloves for $22.99.

Winter Touch 3-Finger Touchscreen Gloves – $10.99

With three-finger touchscreen capability, these gloves never let you miss a text, phone call, or Instagram scroll opportunity. And while they’re super lightweight and allow you to handle your phone with ease, they’re actually thermal, keeping your hands nice and toasty as you go about your day. Plus, they’re available in different colors to perfectly match your own style.

Get the Winter Touch 3-Finger Touchscreen Gloves for $10.99 (reg. $44).

Voltheat Avalanche X Heated Gloves – $229.99

If you’re dealing with some serious cold, these heated gloves are just what the doctor ordered. With high retention insulation that traps the radiating heat inside the gloves, you’ll never experience stiffness or numbness again. And despite their heavy-duty build designed to endure rigorous outdoor activity, they’re not super-bulky or hard to wear.  They even have a built-in external controller so you can control every power setting with ease.

Get the Voltheat Avalanche X Heated Gloves for $229.99 (reg. $269).

Heated Glove Liners – $119.99

These battery-powered glove liners can last up to six hours at a time, providing superior heating of up to 110° to 150° to all of your fingers. And no matter how big or small your hands are, these gloves boast four-way stretch fabric and an adjustable wrist strap to ensure a perfect fit. Plus, they’re equipped with two touchscreen fingers, allowing you to use your phone with ease.

Get the Heated Glove Liners for $199.99 (reg. $139).

Prices subject to change.

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