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A Cafe Run By Robots Is Opening In Dubai 

a-cafe-run by-robots-is-opening-in-dubai 

A cafe in Dubai is embracing automation technologies, including humanoid service robots that use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to serve humans food.

Based on what we’ve gathered, the new cafe is called RoboCafe, will have no human workers, and is expected to open its doors imminently (sometime in August) in Dubai’s Festival City.

Customers can use their smartphones or a tablet installed at the counter to place an order. Three 6-axis robotic arms will be used to prepare food and drinks.

According to the cafe’s statement, robotic arms will prep orders that will follow fixed paths to deliver food and drink to customers after they have placed an order.

The statement also said robot arms would preform light shows and other forms of entertainment while customers eat their food.

RoboCafe’s Instagram offered followers on Tuesday a sneak preview of the robotic arms:

At the moment, it appears the cafe will serve breakfast food or possibly just beverages, but it remains unclear what exactly will be on the menu. As far as food prep, it’s still unknown if there will be a separate kitchen to prepare ingredients.

Another report said the robotic arms could prepare drinks, like tea and coffee, for customers. The menu could include a range of organic hot beverages, as well as mocktails and snacks.

RoboCafe isn’t the first Dubai restaurant to serve customers with robotic staff.

The Dubai Mall’s Tanuki, an Asian eatery, has humanoid service robots that welcome guests upon arrival:

Customers at Bur Dubai restaurant and Drink and Spice Magics, were able to be served by robotic waitresses last summer.

Automation combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will transform the service sector of most advanced economies and some emerging economies in the coming decade. Based on our past reports, the rapid spread of automation will result in at least 20 million job losses in just the US alone by 2030.

Waves of automation have reshaped economies before. From 1900 to 1940, the US agricultural automation revolution allowed farmers to move to cities and work at factories, and industrial automation allowed factory workers to enter the service sector. And now, robots blended with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will completely displace hundreds of millions of workers globally.

Automation will displace the most workers in these industries: food service, retail, transportation, manufacturing, and warehousing.

Our advice to Zerohedge readers: please evaluate your skillset and career, make sure it’s not prone to robots taking it over in the next 5 to 10 years.