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A Simple Cure For Police Brutality And Murder


The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands or rather the knee of a uniformed thug has been used as a pretext for rioting, looting, and protests against the Trump Administration. This insanity has even spread to the other side of the Atlantic where there have been protests and where the BBC has been pushing the ludicrous Black Lives Matter/racism narrative. What are the true facts?

As Conservatives point out, the American police actually kill more whites than blacks, mostly by shooting them. Happy now? This sophisticated tabulated map for 2016 reveals that a total of 1,093 people were killed in the US (by law enforcement), a truly staggering number. And that was down from 1,145 the previous year. The map appears to be accurate because clearly a lot of research has gone into it.

Interestingly, almost all these fatalities were of men. For example, of those killed by the police in December 2016, only one was definitely a woman. Miriam Savino appears to have committed suicide by cop, luring a deputy to her Florida home under a false pretext then attacking him with a big knife. She had quite a history of violence and was clearly not right in the head.  Why does no one protest the disparity in the sex of such fatalities, and are blacks more liable to be killed by the police unjustifiably? You’ve obviously heard of George Floyd, and you may well have heard of Eric Garner, but have you heard of Daniel Shaver or Dillon Taylor? Probably not, they were both white men who were murdered by the American police.

The clearly unarmed Daniel Shaver was shot dead by Philip Brailsford without a smidgen of justification. He was tried for murder, and acquitted. Take a look at the video and ask how any jury could have found him not guilty of at least second degree and almost certainly first degree murder. To add insult to injury, after his acquittal, Brailsford was allowed to temporarily rejoin the Mesa Police in order to claim a tax-free pension of  $31,000 a year for life. Not bad for a 28 year old.

While Brailsford was at least tried for murder, the murderer of Dillon Taylor didn’t get anywhere near a courtroom. The execution can be seen at the beginning of the same video.

This is an all too common scenario, one that has even been known to happen in the UK. The authorities do everything they can to avoid bringing a prosecution, if the case does go to trial, either the prosecution or the judge sabotages it, and finally, juries refuse to convict. What can be done about this?

Both Philip Brailsford and Derek Chauvin the acknowledged killer of George Floyd, knew they were on camera but were undeterred. Such arrogance is typical of police officers of all ranks worldwide.

There is however a very simple solution, instead of the county or the state being held liable in tort for unlawful killings and brutality by the police, the vicarious liability must be shifted onto the police unions. After the 2015 execution of Walter Scott by Michael Slager, the victim’s family settled a lawsuit for $5 million. A few settlements of that size coming out of police pension funds or the assets of the Fraternal Order of Police would soon see them reining in their brethren. Finally, if you don’t think that is likely or even possibly, check out the way the Metropolitan Police took down who were at that moment the two most dangerous men in Britain.  A few minutes earlier, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale had all but hacked off a man’s head, and could very likely have been wearing suicide belts. The detectives who confronted them would have been more than justified in shooting to kill, yet they elected not to. The fact that so many American police officers have so little regard for human life is one that needs to be addressed, and the best way to do that is to hit the police where it will really hurt them. In their wallets.

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