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A tale of two states from Next News Network’s lead [Video]


Gary Franchi is the owner and operator of the YouTube Channel The Next News Network. This is a very pro-Trump, pro-conservative news source, and while under its leader, has reported substantially on events with the stolen Presidential election and the utter incompetence of the puppet in the White House at this time.

Now, of course, the mainstream press is perturbed by the surge in viewership of sites like Gary’s, who manage to survive even YouTube and Google’s attempts to “cancel” them for speaking “unorthodoxies” like that the election was stolen or other key phrases. Mr. Franchi is savvy enough to say what he intends to say just in a way that the YouTube censors cannot easily catch or confirm. This has paid off by the channel now having over two million subscribers. This is huge growth, and reflects just how many people are really searching for truth in news reporting.

Nevertheless, for several weeks now, Mr. Franchi has only appeared on his videos to do advertisements, while his associate Elijah Schaffer, the anchor for his own show, Slightly Offensive, has handled most of the actual reporting. Gary’s absence from his own network prompted questions, and here, Gary himself answers with his own experience, temporarily fleeing his home state of Illinois, a blue, COVID-ruined state, for the “free” state of Florida, where he and his family rented a home for several months.

Gary’s testimony is his personal experience, and it is a powerful witness to what is going on in America, as seen from the ground. The fear of COVID-19 was a massive play by the liberals for power. Now COVID appears to be fading, even more reduced since I last wrote about the developing sharp drop in new cases. (On March 26, 2021, the US reported 80,000 new cases, a jump that started to show three days ago, but still way down form the 300,000 case-per-day levels of the beginning of the year.)

Gary notes that as the virus is generally receding and, more importantly, states are reopening, that it is time to go home. His experience is shared by many Americans, and it is something the mainstream media would really rather nobody know about. For that reason, this little vignette is compelling.

We are indebted to the Next News Network and Slightly Offensive as we are to all our sources, people who work really hard to find out what is really going on and get that information to the American people and, indeed, to people all around the world who are otherwise living in a dreamland of fear and dishonesty. We hope to work together with all such news providers to deliver reliable, true information.

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