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Abrams: During Pandemic Everyone Should Be Eligible to Vote by Mail — ‘There Is No Fraud of Any Consequence’


Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said, given the coronavirus pandemic, all Americans should be eligible to vote by mail in November.

Abrams said, “Whether you’re thinking about what happened in Georgia in 2018 when thousands were denied the right to be heard or what we saw happen in Wisconsin, 52 people at last count contracted COVID because they were forced to cast their ballot in person. We know vote by mail is the safest and most accessible way of making sure every American can be heard on November 3. The reality is it’s safe. That there is no fraud of any consequence. In fact, in every single state that has used vote by mail regularly, Oregon for the last 20 years, the number of people who committed fraud is negligible.”

She continued, “What is more telling, they don’t want the voices of people suffering from COVID-19 suffering from a collapsed economy and suffering from the crowdedness of Donald Trump, they don’t want their voices heard at the ballot. But what we can do through the heroes package is ensure that everyone in America who wants to vote by mail can do so so we can also create accessible spaces for people to vote early and in-person on the day of. Because if you’re disabled or homeless, if you’ve been displaced by COVID, if you have language barriers and if you’re Native American, we need you to be able to go into the polling places and make sure there is enough space to meet the CDC guidelines. You got to get as many people as possible to vote by mail. Every state can do it. We simply have to invest in it and put in the guardrails to make it possible for every American eligible to vote.”

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