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Afghan Son Claims Taliban Killed His Mother — A Pregnant Policewoman — In Front Of Her Family


Taliban fighters killed a pregnant Afghan policewoman in front of her family, her son claimed.

CNN reported Monday that Negar Masoomi, whose death was also confirmed by a local journalist, was eight months pregnant when she died. She reportedly worked at a prison in Ghor Province. (RELATED: Biden Admin Says It Does Not Have The ‘Assets’ To Prevent Taliban From Reportedly Grounding Planes Trying To Leave Afghanistan)

The Taliban murdered a pregnant policewoman in front of her family on Saturday night, according to her son. Her death adds to mounting concerns about the repression of women under the Taliban’s rule. https://t.co/cJpxrLkZhS

— CNN (@CNN) September 6, 2021

According to CNN, her son Mohammad Hanif recorded a video of himself recounting the events of Saturday night. He claimed that Taliban fighters had come into their home, tying up Mohammad and his brothers before targeting their mother.

“They killed our mother before our eyes. They killed her with a knife,” he said, according to CNN. Other reports indicated that her attackers had removed her brain with a screwdriver — and all of that was reportedly done while her husband and children watched.

The son of Negar (police officer in Ghor who was killed today) in Hazaragi accent says:

1. Taliban entered our house

2. tied hands

3. killed my mother, gauged her brains from her skull with knife and screwdrivers

4. My mother was eight months pregnant


— 🇦🇫Afghanistan Fact Checks🔎 (@AfgFactChecks) September 5, 2021

Taliban spokesman Bilal Kareemi said they were not responsible for her death but that there was an investigation in progress, according to CNN.

“She hasn’t been killed by the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, probably it is because of a personal animosity, but we haven’t received the final result of the investigation,” he reportedly said, adding, “Our Mujahideen are busy investigating the incident and we will share with you our final findings as soon as we receive it.”


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