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After “Al-Nusra” prevented its sale in shops, the arms trade in Idlib moved to “Facebook”!


Local sources revealed that the arms trade in “Idlib” has moved to the social networking site “Facebook” after the decision of the “Al-Nusra” to close the shops that trade in arms.

The sources indicated that arms dealers resorted to groups via Facebook to display their arms goods to those wishing to buy, after they closed their shops by a decision of Al-Nusra, which promised to reopen the shops under new conditions for its work, but it did not do so.

The sources pointed out that arms sale’s groups in “Idlib” offer different types of rifles, pistols and bombs. The Kalashnikov assault rifle is sold at a price ranging between 150 and 400 dollars. The prices of pistols range between 100 and 1000 dollars, and grenades between 10 and 30 dollars.

The sources indicated that the arms trade via the Internet could not be controlled or monitored, pointing to the absence of controls on these groups. It is possible for her to sell the weapon to anyone, even if he does not know how to use it.

Weapons are widely distributed among civilians in the Al-Nusra controlled areas. The sources say that many people are seeking to acquire an individual weapon, for self-defense, in light of the state of security chaos prevailing in the region.

The widespread use of weapons led to an increase in killings, the transformation of quarrels into armed clashes, and an increase in armed robberies. Amid the inability of “Al-Nusra ” to control stability in the region, and the contribution of its gunmen to spreading violence and crimes targeting civilians.

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