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Air Force Veteran Says His Dog Saved His Life, Now He’s On A Mission To Help Others Suffering From PTSD


David Sharpe, a veteran of the United States Air Force, discusses the importance of service dogs in the aftercare of active duty.

He also opened up to the Daily Caller about how his own struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder which he says inspired him to start the organization ‘Companions for Heroes‘ to help veterans and first responders across the nation by providing them furry support friends. (RELATED:  How Medal Of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter Recovered From Jumping On A Grenade.)

“I took a .45 pistol and I put it right in my mouth and as I was squeezing the trigger with my thumb— my rescue pit bull walked in and licked my cheek and I took the pistol out of my mouth,” said Sharpe. “She looked up at me with that soulful look, if you know what a dog or cat gives you, that look that I’m here for you— what are you doing?”


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