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Alex Jones, Maximum Hypocrite & Hegemonist


Authored by Serban V.C. Enache via Hereticus Economicus:

I write this blog post after listening to the Alex Jones show on internet radio. I’m so disgusted by Jones’ blatant hypocrisy and supremacist stances, it’s not even funny.

First, Alex Jones spoke with orgasmic vigor about Trump’s offer to buy Greenland. Jones invoked American Manifest Destiny, the ‘superior’ American creed, and how smart from a business perspective the whole venture is. This is the same Alex Jones who will criticize with fervent zeal foreign states and foreign firms who come into the US looking to buy politicians, law makers, firms of all kinds, and land. Jones will call waves of migrants and refugees seeking to enter the US, legally or not, as invaders – but he staunchly promotes the idea of Yankees colonizing Greenland. He didn’t shy away from using the verb – “to colonize.” In fact, Jones, per his usual sophistry, repeated several times the age of those inhabitants of Greenland, with the aim to downplay hundreds of years of history as not being comparable to thousands of years – even though the USA doesn’t even come close to matching those seven centuries he invoked. Imagine the reaction of Greenlanders, if any of them heard Jones’ designs for their country: US capital coming in to buy their land, US immigrants coming in to settle and push them out, US corporations coming in to extract resources and destroy the environment.

Then Jones moved on to another subject. He tried to disculpate himself from accusations levied at him for being a Zionist shill. Jones said that’s the litmus test, the place where the Far Right and the Far Left agree on. Jones confessed to being pro-Israel, that he adopted this stance after hearing all the criticism against Apartheid Israel, which he deems unfair. Jones compared Israel’s situation [with the Palestinians] with racism in America, implying that it’s all a SJW fabrication – as if the two things are even comparable. By stating that “Saudi Arabia doesn’t take in one Palestinian,” Jones again implies that Palestinians must be a menace. I wonder if he uses the same logic to Syrian refugees… At any rate, this claim of his is a lie. Around 240,000 Palestinians live in Saudi Arabia. That being said, Palestinians are the sole foreign group that cannot benefit from a 2004 law, which entitles expatriates of all nationalities who have resided in the kingdom for ten years to apply for citizenship.

Jones also didn’t miss another opportunity to slander Ilhan Omar, saying she’s silent on Saudi Arabia’s track record on human rights abuse. Omar has made statements condemning Saudi Arabia; and Saudi-sponsored news outlets attacked her for it. To say she’s a hypocrite on this issue [on violent, despotic, corrupt Islamic regimes] is fake news – the same fake news tactics Alex Jones deplores when Trump’s the target. Using the Zionist playbook word for word, Jones insisted that Israel’s critics all have the same view, that Israel hasn’t the right to exist, which is a complete straw man. But Jones has no shame in using the same card employed by the enemy, in the logic that a lie told often enough becomes truth. Alex Jones also touched on the lie of WMDs in Iraq – but he never attacks Bibi, one of the biggest pushers of that myth and one of the biggest lobbyists for the US Government to send US soldiers to kill and die in Iraq – a country which had nothing to do with the 9/11 operation. No. To Alex Jones, Benjamin Netanyahu is the good guy. In fact, US military presence in the Middle East is all about serving the geopolitical interests of Israel and the Gulf states. Jones has no problem with the US military acting as a stooge for the former state actor, though.

Alex Jones is another snake-oil salesman, an utterly heinous, filth of a creature, fake Christian, and fake patriot. He’s a Globalist all day long, except that, unlike the cosmopolitical factions at work, he only supports a particular brand of world order; when the USA snaps its fingers, all other countries dance: US-First Global Hegemony.

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