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All about Turkey’s invasion and killing of Kurdish warriors



Turkey’s military airstrikes inside Syria are the first step in its offensive into northern Syria, targeting the Syrian Kurds that helped the U.S. defeat the Islamic State. Where is this fighting taking place and what comes next? What are U.S. military troops inside Syria doing in response to the Turkish operation? ABC News looks at what could result from Turkey’s military operation against the Syrian Kurds.

What has Turkey done so far?

Turkish military aircraft have carried out airstrikes inside a 130-mile stretch of the border region, according to Syrian Kurdish forces known as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“According to initial reports, there are casualties among civilian people,” the SDF tweeted on Wednesday.

The U.S. is aware of Turkish airstrikes and artillery fire on the towns of Tal Aryab and Ras al Ayn — the two towns that are 75 miles apart and mark the “security mechanism zone” that had been agreed to by the United States and Turkey over the summer. Depending on the geography, that zone is between 3 and 7 miles from the border with Turkey.

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