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American pushback against Woke liberals on the increase [Video]


Conservatives are different than Liberals. They are not just different in ideological viewpoints but they are fundamentally psychologically different in makeup. Liberals are reactionary activists, shouters, demanding to be heard, quick to anger or outrage, and quick to act to produce radical “change” which is itself really not much change at all, but just noise and grief to those around them.

Conservatives are often very much the opposite: They are usually quiet, patient, willing to accept some pushing from liberal activists in return for peace and quiet, and are non-destructive, not vengeful and usually far more compassionate than those screamers who scream about “compassion” in a strictly Marxist context. (which is to say there is no compassion at all.)

It is almost a certainty that liberals have existed for as long as society has existed, but the degree to which they have been able to operate depends largely upon the technological level of the society they are in.

For example, a liberal in a tribe of nomadic Africans might do very poorly at convincing his fellow tribesman to eat grass instead of wildebeest. Further, if he should try going vegan himself, he is likely to starve to death. Therefore, it is not possible for a liberal tribesman to do much more than advocate sharing food with people too lazy to hunt, but that also is bound to be sharply limited in its success the moment food runs short.

In technological societies, though, such as in cities, life is largely made very much easier for people. There is no need to hunt… unless it is for bargains at the local grocery store. Luxury abounds and so do people, hence breeding a need for some government regulation and control. This is why urban populations tend to be a bit more in line with trusting government programs and policies which slightly restrict one’s own freedom for the increased benefit of the entire community. In such places, leftism can flourish, because, as in the example of our tribesman from Africa, if he is now moved to Denver, Colorado, he can choose to live the vegan life because there are places where he may buy strictly philosophically vegan foods and make it work. Of course, to afford this stuff he needs money, so he has to work and pay bills of other types as well, but he can be as vegan as he wants. He can even successfully influence others to take up the vegan life, and they will and they will not starve to death in so doing.

Conservatives are not disadvantaged by urban life, generally, but they are also not dominant in it anymore in many large American cities. In most cases, a conservative can live out his or her faith, keep his or her home and family secure, and on the whole, conservatives are not likely to demonstrate or vandalize anything in the name of conservatism, because a lot of their own psychology is based on “leave me alone. I do not want to disturb others, either.”

So, in our heavily urbanized nation, the liberals and their far-left woke people have gained more and more power, and in 2020 and 2021, they have been attempting to deploy and use it to radically change all of society, not just for their own pet projects and purposes, but to categorically demonize conservatives or anybody who disagrees with their vision of “progress.” For conservatives, this push is far too much, and now, they are fighting back. The video clip below shows what some of that pushback looks like around the country.

Notice that here, conservatives are fighting not for themselves, but for the protection of their children at the hands of School Boards gone completely bonkers with crazy leftist propaganda and indoctrination. They are saying this stops before it gets to my son or daughter. They are not even advocating for conservative or Christian ideals to be taught, but again, just to be left alone with the ability to guard and honor whatever traditional views they possess.

Conservatives may not like liberal / leftist / woke philosophy, but they are inclined to do nothing about it as long as it does not directly impact their own life pursuits. However, now the liberals are, and so the pushback is rising, slowly, but with great force.

This is encouraging to see.

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