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‘An Atrocity’: Kevin McCarthy Says Britain And France Can Rescue Citizens From Afghanistan, ‘Why Can’t America?’


House Minority Leader Kevin McCathy asked “why can’t America” rescue its citizens trapped in Afghanistan when the British and French can during an appearance on Fox News’s “Sunday Morning Features.”


“I listened to [the] secretary of state and [the] secretary of defense and I layed into them with the idea: stop saying ‘as many Americans.’ What we want to see is ‘every American.’” McCarthy told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo in reference to a Friday afternoon conference call that occurred after President Joe Biden’s news conference.

“Why can the French and British go out and get citizens and why can’t America? The only thing that is holding back is the will to do it and the authority from this president.” (RELATED: Sen. Lindsey Graham: ‘If We Leave Any Americans Behind’ Or Any Afghan Allies, Joe Biden Deserves To Be Impeached)

McCarthy said Biden did not seem to have a good grasp of the situation in Afghanistan: “He said on Friday, that Americans will not have difficulty getting to the airport. They are. That Al-Qaeda is no longer in Afghanistan, they are. That foreign leaders are not criticizing America, they are. That the border is secure, it is not.”

The Republican California congressman wondered how Biden could “get it so wrong” and asked if perhaps he is “just not remembering” what he heard in his briefings. “This is an atrocity that will harm this nation for years to come, empower our adversaries and making our allies continue to question.”

The House leader suggested the Afghanistan debacle is leading to a crisis of confidence in America and will embolden China, Russia and Iran to be more aggressive with their military and foreign policy “and now we are hearing ISIS is possible along the airport.”

He accused the president of either “lying to us or not knowing the truth.” (RELATED: Trump Flames Afghanistan Withdrawal, Calls It ‘The Greatest Embarrassment … In The History Of Our Country’)

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