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Anatomy of the Phone Call Now Imperiling Trump’s Presidency



were dozens of ears listening to President Donald Trump’s 30-minute
phone call with the leader of Ukraine that is at the center of a
House impeachment inquiry , and as many eyes that saw what he said.
White House staffers, working in the secure, soundproof Situation
Room in the West Wing basement, listened in and chronicled the
conversation . National Security Council personnel edited a memo
written about the call. White House lawyers, according to a
government whistleblower , directed that the memo be uploaded into a
highly restricted classified computer network. And there were the
staffers whose keystrokes on a computer made that happen. They
represent a universe of people, little known outside their vital
circle of national security officials, who can either support or
disavow the whistleblower’s account. Their roles could well become
more public as the impeachment investigation unfolds and Congress
seeks additional witnesses. Some staffers involved with the call
still work at the White House; others have left. But what was thought
to be a routine conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr
Zelenskiy turned into anything but that, when Trump asked him to
investigate Ukraine’s involvement in the 2016 presidential election
and the activities of Democratic political rival Joe Biden and his
son Hunter.



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