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Anthony Scaramucci Calls Donald Trump a ‘Diseased Dad’ and ‘Orange Maniac’


Appearing this week on iHeartRadio’s The Domenick Nati Show, fired White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci ratcheted up his personal attacks on President Donald Trump, referring to his former boss as a “diseased dad” and an “orange maniac.”

A partial transcript is as follows: 

DOMENICK NATI: Do you think President Trump might be doing any drugs?

ANTHONY SCARAMUCCI: That I don’t know, but just take a look at tapes of him from 2015, 2016. Observe him at the G-7. Look at his speech mannerisms during the hurricane situation over the weekend. There’s something going on there. He’s missing syntax. He’s misphrasing punctuation. His vocabulary is becoming extremely limited, and then you’re finding him going on these incessant tweet storms, which are just abnormal. 122 tweets over the Labor Day Weekend.

You’ve got a crisis going on in the Caribbean and this guy’s tweeting about Debra Messing. What we’re doing in the country now, Domenick, is we’re normalizing abnormal behavior, okay? It’s like if the country had a father figure and the president is the father figure of the family of the United States, and this is a very diseased dad, if you will, who is operating with a lack of mental acuity, tremendous dysfunction, and anger. We have to step in now.

A good parent or a good family member would say, “Okay, enough is enough. Let’s remove this guy from the position he’s in.” I’m not afraid of this person and I could take this person on intellectually any day of the week, but what I’m going to need some help with is politicians and the political class to start telling the truth and explaining to the American people what we’re seeing so we don’t end up with four more years of this disastrous non-sense. We have this orange maniac in the White House that’s going after private citizens. For some reason, a very large group of people, whether it’s Fox News, people in the media, or some of his supporters, are hyper-normalizing that.