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Anti-Trump Super PAC The Lincoln Project Fires Senior Adviser Who Called Trump ‘Retarded’


The Lincoln Project, a Republican anti-Trump super PAC, announced Wednesday that they ended their relationship with senior adviser Sophia Nelson after she called President Donald Trump “retarded.”

. @IAmSophiaNelson is no longer affiliated with The Lincoln Project.

Words and actions matter. We apologize to those with intellectual disabilities and their families, who too often must deal with slurs.

We wish Sophia the best.

— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) April 1, 2020

In a series of tweets Wednesday morning, Nelson said that it was “only right” that she step down from her affiliation with the organization and described their mission to defeat President Trump in November as “too critical.”

Good morning. It is only right that I step down from my affiliation with @ProjectLincoln as our mission is too critical to defeat Pres. Trump come November. I shouldn’t have used the “R” word to describe the President’s conduct. We learn from our mistakes. My apology stands.

— Sophia A. Nelson (@IAmSophiaNelson) April 1, 2020

I fully agree with this and accept that I should and have stepped down. The Lincoln project is awesome. Does great work. And I know you will be successful in your efforts to take on President Trump in the fall. All my best to the team! https://t.co/ZuWjRhBb4y

— Sophia A. Nelson (@IAmSophiaNelson) April 1, 2020

Nelson had responded to a tweet Tuesday afternoon from The Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson criticizing President Trump’s coronavirus response by using the word, which led to swift bipartisan backlash.

Screenshot Twitter (@IAmSophiaNelson)

Screenshot Twitter (@IAmSophiaNelson)

The Lincoln Project has not responded to requests for comment from the Daily Caller.