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Are Progressives Finally Waking Up?


On Tuesday, self-styled Useful Idiots Katie Halper and Matt Taibbi held a YouTube hangout with a couple of their progressive chums in which they discussed YouTube censorship of what they called the January 6 “Capitol Attacks”.

At present, the Democrats are milking this so-called insurrection for all it is worth en route to turning America into a total police state. The observations of the progressives were spot on when it came to the pure mechanics of censorship, but that was something they could hardly misinterpret. This includes demonetisation of videos, strange things happening with the view count, livestreams suffering interference, and of course videos being taken down.

These antics are not limited to the coverage of Trump supporters but have been extended to the Israel/Palestine conflict. Halper is particularly dumb, having fallen for the Tara Reade hoax like every good feminist, but there are signs, only signs, that people like her are beginning to see the big picture, namely that Donald Trump isn’t the Devil Incarnate, and the fact that almost the entire establishment had it in for him, and still does, could have a genuinely sinister reason.

We’ll have to see how things develop, but don’t wait until they come for you, Katie, because then it will be too late.

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