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Are You A Wine Connoisseur? Introducing FirstLeaf, The Number 1 Wine Club For Newcomers And Virtuosos Alike


Whether you are a wine connoisseur or you buy $7 wines at your local grocery stores, something that we can all agree on is that wine is a longstanding tasty and classy complement to date nights and dinners. I happen to fall in the latter category of individuals who normally buy grocery store wines, but lately I decided to change my mind about the quality of wine I demanded. I stumbled upon FirstLeaf, America’s #1 awarded wine club. Unlike wine clubs I had tried in the past, FirstLeaf cares just as much about making sure you love the wine they send as they do making sure you can get wine straight from some of the top vineyards in the world.

(Photo via FirstLeaf)

(Photo via FirstLeaf)

There’s a reason FirstLeaf is America’s #1 Awarded Wine Club. Take their quiz today and find out if FirstLeaf is right for you! 

International award winning wines? Check. Customizing their wine offerings to fit your tastes? Consider it a home run. Before you can even sign up for FirstLeaf, you need to fill out a quiz that identifies what type of wine you like, allowing you to be as specific or general as you want. Then, after sending you an introductory offering, FirstLeaf will prompt you to give feedback on the wines they send so they can better understand your taste in wine and begin to send you the highest quality wine that fits your preference!

(Photo via FirstLeaf)

(Photo via FirstLeaf)

Consider a FirstLeaf Wine Club Membership today and enjoy exclusive access to award-winning wine combinations 

I am more of a white wine kind of guy, and I am very excited to see what FirstLeaf sends me first, but even if you don’t want the wine for yourself, you should consider getting a FirstLeaf wine club membership for your friends, newly weds, grandparents, and pretty much anyone you know who likes Wine!

Check out FirstLeaf yourself by clicking here. See what wines they recommend for an introductory offering and remember that if you ever decide you don’t want to keep your wine club membership after the introductory offering, you can always cancel….just beware…there are very few things in the world as addicting as receiving always fresh, award-winning wine sent straight to your doorstep every month. Enjoy responsibly.

(Photo via FirstLeaf)

(Photo via FirstLeaf)

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