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Arkansas Fires Chad Morris, Buyout Is Reportedly More Than $10 Million


Arkansas has fired football coach Chad Morris after a horrific loss to Western Kentucky.

According to KFSM on Sunday morning, he was fired Sunday morning after only coaching 22 games with the program. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Morris was 4-18 with the Razorbacks before getting canned, and his buyout is reportedly north of $10 million.

Fans shouldn’t be too upset with Morris. Bret Bielema left him in a no-win situation when he was fired by Arkansas.

Bielema, who might be the most overrated coach in the history of college football, left Arkansas in a horrible position.

I’m not sure anybody could win in Fayetteville right now. It might take decades to fix what Bielema destroyed. I guess Morris was just a victim of the situation he found himself in.

You knew something had to change when Western Kentucky smacked Arkansas all over the field. That should never happen.

SEC programs can’t be getting blown out by small schools. That’s a great way to find yourself looking for a job.

Now, Morris will have to wait and see if his phone rings.

We’ll see if Arkansas is ever able to bounce back. Right now, it’s not looking great.


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