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As Biden’s Gaffes Grow, Democrats Worry He Can’t Beat Trump


‘I wish he’d get his mojo back’

Democratic Party activists in Iowa are worried presidential primary frontrunner Joe Biden is stumbling, casting doubt on whether he can whip President Donald Trump in 2020, the Washington Post reported.

The frustration is coming to a head as the candidates descended on Iowa for three big political events over the weekend in the first state that’ll hold a primary contest next year.

“Joe Biden can resonate with the working-class voters that Trump fooled in the last go-round. And that’s what we need: He’s close to the middle. He’s a known quantity. He appeals to middle-class voters,” Alan Feirer, the party chairman in Madison County, Iowa, told the Post.

“But boy, he’s old,” Feirer added. “That shouldn’t be a problem, and you don’t like to say it, but he isn’t as compelling verbally…There is starting to be a real fear that he cannot hold his own in the debate against Donald Trump.”

Another county chairwoman, Tracy Freese, told the Post she’s anxiously waiting for Biden’s breakthrough moment.

“I wish he’d get his mojo back. I know he has it; I just haven’t seen it,” she told the Post, adding however, her bigger goal is for “Republicans to be able to feel comfortable and vote for him.”

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