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As The California Blackouts Threaten To Continue, There’s Never Been A Better Time To Be Prepared


Mason Thibault

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Last month, California cut power to over 513,000 northern California homes in order to curb Wildfire risk (https://dailycaller.com/2019/10/09/parts-of-california-go-dark-wildfire-risk/). Yet, here we are one month later, and there is serious discussion for more blackouts and outages that will continue to hurt California residents all in the name of public safety. While there is lots of political debate to be had about the merit of such an undertaking, the reality of the situation necessitates that you should be prepared with  alternative option for powering your home and enjoying the activities you love: portable power stations.

Jackery, one of the premium brands for outdoor power solutions, has several portable power stations available and on sale now, featuring enough electrical power to run all of your favorite devices. Jackery’s signature Explorer 250 can provide you with the essential power you need during any emergencies,  giving you the power to charge drones, phones, radios, mini fridges, and anything else you may need with power gone for a few days.

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

The Explorer 240 Power Station can be easily charged up in multiple ways too, meaning you never have to run out of power. You can charge it through use of a  solar panel (sold separately),  an old fashioned car port that most car charges utilize, or a standard AC wall outlet. 

Let’s be clear, this new portable power station isn’t strong enough to power an RV (although Jackery sells power stations that do) but it will prepare you for emergencies and keep you connected as mention above. The two usb ports offer multiple spots to charge small devices like phones, while the larger AC port, and car port offer both charging options, and opportunities to charge your devices that need that kind of input.

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

According to Jackery, it takes seven to eight hours to recharge over AC or with the car adapter or six hours with a 60W solar panel. It also has a shelf life of three to six months of usage before the battery needs to be recharged, so you can also keep it around for a while in case of emergency without worrying.

While you could normally take home the Jackery Portable Power Station today for just $249.99 on Amazon, you can also take an extra $60 off for a limited time when you use the discount code JACKERYCARE at checkout. And while the Explorer 240 may be a great source of power as is, if you are looking to solar charge it (one of the available methods for powering it up), you can also save save $60 off this 60W solar panel when you use the same discount code as above JACKERYCARE at checkout.

That mean’s you can get a portable power station and solar panels to provide power while outdoors or in the event of an emergancy for under $300. And if you just want the power station, you can get it for under $200, making this one of the better buys we’ve found to keep yourself and your family powered up in the face of increasing government incompetence and the dangerous state of the world.

At just $250 on Amazon, this power station is one of Jackery’s best , equipped with excellent features including multiple power outlets allowing you to charge and operate loads of different devices from drones and cell phones to mini fridges and projectors!

Yet, for a limited time you can save even more when you also buy a 60W Solar charging panel, netting you $30 in savings if you buy both the Explorer 240 and the 60W solar charging panel and use the discount code FMOB8WIJ at checkout. In my opinion, the Explorer 240 power station is worth it as it safely powers electronic devices by producing clean, stable connections, and the LCD display, makes it easy to see your total battery status for your portable generator.

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