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Attacks on French Firefighters Surging


Physical attacks on firefighters in France are on the rise, with local media calling them “the new normal.”

Assaults against fire personnel have risen by 23 percent since 2017, according to The Local France, which documented a series of violent incidents perpetrated against firefighters during the past weekend alone.

In Aix-en-Provence, an emergency vehicle was stolen, crashed, and damaged while technicians worked to resuscitate an 80-year-old man.

In Noisy-le-Roi, a 15-year-old attacked responders who had come to administer care after his mother phoned in a possible drug and alcohol overdose.

“When they arrived, the teenager threatened to ‘snuff them.’ He kept on punching and kneeing the firefighters until they managed to control him,” The Local France reports. “Two of the three men had cuts and bruises on their faces – they will be unable to work for six and 10 days respectively.”

pompiers78 @pompiers78 [AGRESSION] Hier les @pompiers78 ont subi une violente agression alors qu’ils portaient secours à une victime qui s’est retournée contre eux. Bilan, 3 SP hospitalisés, 2 en arrêt de travail. #inacceptable, STOP ! RESPECTEZ nous ! #TouchePasÀMonPompier pic.twitter.com/K2Fyab83Cc

— pompiers78 (@pompiers78) August 18, 2019

In Corsica, an injured man began punching his caretakers, wounding a 52-year-old firefighter who required stitches and will miss eight days of work.

“The population is being abandoned,” firefighters union president André Goretti told Franceinfo. “Emergency services cannot meet people’s needs anymore and firefighters are the last link in this chain.”

“We are totally abandoned by those who govern us and those who employ us.”

French police are also under siege, with gang attacks becoming more frequent.

Last month, in the Seine-Saint-Denis region of the Paris suburbs, attacks were launched against a patrol by some 20 “hostile individuals who had obviously prepared their act,” just days after the patrol’s base station was ambushed by 30 insurgents deploying fireworks and other incendiary devices.

A video shows cops being pinned down and attacked in a Phildelphia no-go-zone, and the media celebrated it.


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