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Authorities Say They Discovered 400 Pairs Of Women’s Underwear In Man’s Home After Arrest In Attempted Rape Case


An Alabama man was arrested on July 21 on dozens of charges, including attempted rape and voyeurism, for allegedly breaking into a woman’s house to sexually assault her, according to police.

Police said John Thomas Uda, 27, allegedly broken into the house of a female acquaintance and attacked the woman, inflicting minor injuries, the Dothan Eagle reported. Dothan Police Lt. Scott Owens, who responded to the crime scene,  said reporters that the victim, “Received treatment at a local hospital.”

Following a search of Uda’s house, authorities said they discovered over 400 female undergarments ranging from bras to panties, according to Fox News(RELATED: US Police Arrest Man Suspected Of Attacking Three Women In Manhattan Park)

While he has been accused of stealing many of the pieces of underwear from other burglaries and community laundromats, Owens says many of them may have been purchased online, AL.com reported.

We have a theory that some were bought online because there is a marketplace for that,” he said. 

Say What Now? Alabama Man Wanted for Attempted Rape Caught with 400 Pairs of Women’s Underwear https://t.co/L1Rpl79c9J

— B. Scott (@lovebscott) July 26, 2021

Investigators alleged that this is not the first time that Owens broke into the victim’s house. He admitted to police that he had snuck into the home previously and stolen a gaming console and a garbage bag full of underwear, according to AL.com. 

Uda is currently being held on a $1 million bond, Fox News reported. Regarding Uda as a threat, Owens warned, “If we can keep him in jail, the public will definitely be better for it,” according to AL.com. 


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