Home News Authorities searching for unaccounted Saudi nationals following Pensacola shooting

Authorities searching for unaccounted Saudi nationals following Pensacola shooting



Several Saudi nationals who had contact with the gunman who killed three at a Naval base in Florida are still unaccounted for, according to authorities.

Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, a 21-year-old Saudi national training at Navy Air Station in Pensacola, killed three and wounded seven during a shooting rampage that is now presumed to be a terrorist attack. Authorities announced that Alshamrani had visited New York prior to carrying out the attack and had held a dinner party where he showed footage of similar shootings.

The FBI was already questioning six Saudi nationals who were connected to Alshamrani after two were caught filming the attack. According to a press conference on Saturday, authorities had contacted four more Saudi nationals, bringing the total to 10. Three of the men detained were guests at Alshamrani’s dinner party where he aired videos of other mass shootings.

Authorities believe Alshamrani was in contact with several Saudi nationals that are still missing, though the total number of contacts has not been publicly disclosed.

The Saudi government announced that it would be retracing Alshamrani’s steps to see if he was potentially radicalized during a visit to the Middle East in February. President Trump seemed confident that the Saudi government was not involved in the attack.

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