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Bandung (Asian-African) Conference- The Voice of the People


This week’s Rising Tide Foundation lecture featured Cynthia Chung’s brilliant elaboration of a major historic fight that occurred amidst the heat of the Cold War in Bandung, Indonesia.

This conference saw world leaders from the emerging non-aligned movement, and global south, featuring Pan African, Pan Arab and other anti-colonial forces who stood in defiance to the age of insanity, covert operations and mutually assured destruction which characterized the post WW2 years. It was during this period that Franklin Roosevelt’s dream of a world of win-win cooperation was overturned by traitors from the Anglo-American establishment that took the helm over his dead body. As the ideals of the UN Charter were destroyed, the principles that this charter contained were enshrined in the Five (and later ten) Principles of Peaceful Coexistence outlined as the bedrock of any viable international law during the proceedings at Bandung.

The emergence of the Greater Eurasian Partnership and New Silk Road today cannot be understood without a functional understanding of these important battles leading up to the Bandung Conference, and the sabotage of their coming into action during the 1960s-1970s.

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