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Beating of Jewish man in Brooklyn is fourth anti-Semitic attack in one week



A Jewish man in Brooklyn was reportedly attacked by two men who had been drinking outside of a synagogue on Saturday.

Police say that the two men got into a fight with the Jewish man as he exited the synagogue in the Midwood neighborhood of Brooklyn, pushing him to the ground and removing his belt. The two then reportedly beat the man with the buckle of the belt. Police confirmed that the man was treated for injuries by medical personnel and was expected to make a full recovery.

Officials with the New York Police Department say there have been over 145 reported hate crimes so far in 2019. They say the most recent attack on Saturday was the fourth inside of a week.

Rabbi Avraham Gopin, 63, was attacked early last week by a man who reportedly struck him in the face with a large rock, breaking his nose and knocking out several teeth. “It was clear to him that the man was trying to kill him,” Gopin’s son-in-law Benny Friedman said. “Those were his words. The man was out for blood, that’s for sure.” Friedman also reported that the assailant had screamed an anti-Semitic slur shortly before the attack.

On Thursday, a large projectile, possibly an ice block, was thrown through the window of a man described as being an Orthodox Jew. The man was reportedly struck in the eye. A group of young men who ran from the scene are suspected of the attack.

Former Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to act in the wake of a pattern of crimes against members of the Jewish Community. “BREAKING: just got a call from 70th pct about another violent antisemitic hate crime,” Hikind tweeted. “A young Jewish man was called a ‘F***ing Jew’ and then belted over the head with a metal belt buckle!@NYCMayor do we need history to repeat itself for you to take action?! Must we die first?!”

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