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Become A Master Of All Things Google Analytics With These Stellar Online Courses


Think you have a killer website? While you may have a site boasting all the bells and whistles out there, if it isn’t bringing in new business or helping you build credibility online, it’s practically worthless. The key to building a site that thrives online is having access to tools that help optimize what you’re putting out there, and Google Analytics is just the man for the job.

While you may have heard of Google Analytics before, very few people understand the true capabilities this online marketing tool truly possesses. Whether you’re looking to land a job in today’s marketing industry or simply want more eyes on your business’ website, understanding the many facets of Google Analytics is crucial. That’s where this Google Analytics Master Class Bundle comes into play.

Jam-packed with five comprehensive courses, this program lets you explore the many optimization tools Google Analytics has to offer in easy-to-understand, digestible lesson plans. Each high-rated course is led by Daragh Walsh, an experienced Certified Google Marketer, who uses what he’s learned working with Amazon, Hertz, and Callaway Golf to show you how to grow your business exponentially online.

Through these courses, you’ll get hands-on experience using Google Analytics’ invaluable marketing tools, including Search Engine Optimization, invaluable data insight, web traffic monitoring, and so much more. After learning the different ways to target audiences online, you’ll know exactly how to examine their behavior and trends, giving you the upper hand when it comes to organic online searches, high Google rankings, and building a trustworthy presence on the web.

Get more attention online with the help of Google Analytics! Right now, the entire five-course bundle is just $35 bucks, a whopping 96% off its regular rate.

Price subject to change.

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