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Belarus and Turkey under pressure


Today Europeans are uneasy with Belarus and Turkey. Although they have been deeply uneasy for quite some time now with at least two of their members, Hungary and Poland.

The unease derives from the wish to sanction both countries for their political misdoings.

Actually, for the EU, Turkey’s misdoings target Cyprus and Greece. The tensions in the eastern Mediterranean have been increasing exponentially, and there is a strong risk of a confrontation that goes further than just words. The foreign ministers of the EU were very clear on the possible consequences in the absence of progress in engaging with Turkey. The latest move by Turkey to discontinue seismic exploration in the continental shelf of Greece is a step in the right direction and gives us some hope that it will lead to further steps towards dialogue.

Belarus’ misdoings target Belarusians, and at the same time, some European states, especially Lithuania, which tries to take advantage of a failed attempt to block the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant in Ostrovets.

Simultaneously, Turkey and Belarus have different relationship with the West. Turkey is a NATO member state while Belarus, included in the useless Partnership for Peace Program of NATO, is still supposed to be a NATO adversary.

Belarus is not a NATO friendly country. Moreover it cannot be considered as a potential NATO member in view of lacking minimal democratic criteria as stipulated in the Alliance’s founding principles.

Despite the fact that Turkey is a NATO member Turkey is secured by certain obligations to the alliance, it still tries to pursue an independent foreign and domestic policy. And now Belarus is similar to Turkey. Minsk, no matter how dependent on Moscow, will continue to pursue an independent policy and will remain an independent actor in international arena.

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