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Belarus: Lukashenko, Ryanair and Raman Protasevich (Live)



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Franz Beckenbauer

This could be related to a true bombshell story that just makes russian and belarussian media explode.

Seems the U.S. ” National Endowment for Democracy” ( i.e. the deep state guys and gals) were pranked by two russian pranksters.

And tney obviously like to talk at “The endowment”

I guess a looooot of people are currently desperately looking for ways to get out of Russia and Belarus by plane, car or maybe rowing boat.

These americans are stipid beyond belief. Being their “ally” or “friend” is pure suicide.

simple observations

The strategy is to surround yourself with ‘allies’ that can be used to trigger and be the first expendables in any confrontation, much as the USSR did with Eastern Europe.

Now, not only is the US keen on upholding the unconstitutional territorial edicts issued by former soviet dictators that it finds to its advantage, it also wants to emulate its ‘captive nations’ buffer strategy.

USSA is becoming more and more a natural fit, it seems.


You write “these Americans are stupid”, but perhaps you mean “these Belorussians are stupid”, because they believe they are friends or allies of the Americans.

Not really kidding

And to think, most only want to overthrow the government so they can freely travel to Eurovision concerts.


Belarus copies UK US style capture of opponents. That will teach the hubris in Washington and London! Lukoshenko poked them in the eye were it hurts the most. The Empire of Evil got confronted using its own medicine.


…if the economic relations with the west were demaging for Russia, there relations with China will be much more damaging!…time with tell!…

Time's Up

A more lucrative two-way trade partnership potential hasn’t existed for a hundred years.

Why are you such a bigot? Besides supporting Ukrainian and Belarusian fascists, Islamic terrorists and their western public relations organs, you lack any hesitation to throwing bigotry and racism into the mix. Know thyself, chump.

Perfidious West

“Protasevich reportedly took part in 2014 in Ukrainian punitive operation against Donbass population”

Time Luka handed him over to Russia for war crimes prosecution.

Washed Up West, A Tragedy in the Making

Washed Up West, A Tragedy in the Making

Meanwhile, a silly Brit lawmaker makes more farting noise about shutting down NSII and even Yamal going through Belarus, supported by his old chum Radislav Sikorsky, the man who can be in 10 places at once and with twice as many lies to prove it.

May I say to the sill farting Brit lawmaker…’Go ahead, shut those pipelines down. Make my day.’

Brits, you can’t find any better to run your country? You really want to emulate us Yanks in everything we do?

Helga I. Fellay

Many words about the ongoing Western regime change coup attempt against Belarus and its President Lukashenko, but not one word about what started it, and why. I googled it but all the information was gone. The only thing I could find after many tries were: ” MAY 8, 2020, 6:08 PM Belarus is one of the only European countries that has not implemented strict coronavirus containment measures.” and ” What virus? Belarus rejects strict measures against pandemic” ” WASHINGTON, May 22, 2020— The World Bank has approved a €90 million package to help Belarus take effective and timely action to… Read more »


Forget google,Use duckduckgo.com

Jonathan Jarvis

Helga I. Fellay

Thank you, very enlightening. He seems typical of the type of shady people the US/West deploy to bring about regime change coups against heads of state showing disobedience to the ruling global elites. Protasewich and his organization seem not so different from ISIS (a USraeli creation) operating under its many different names. It’s good to know that Russia seems totally aware not only of what’s going on, but also who the actors are and every move they make. I suspect that it took the sophistication of Russian Intelligence to carry out this maneuver of forcing him off the plane. I… Read more »


Looking at those photo-ops, I think he may be the Belarusian equivalent of Hunter Biden.

Jonathan Jarvis

Wow….Roman just released a short video from Minsk …he is well and being dealt with with respect….and has confessed to organising mass protests in Bealrus. Via sky news.

Washed Up West, A Tragedy in the Making

Washed Up West, A Tragedy in the Making

He fought with Ukrainian fascists murdering helter skelter a civilian population. What respect?


Oh sorry, he just egged them on while wearing his paper mache helmet.

Never Forgive, Never Forget

Never Forgive, Never Forget

I’m sure Nolan Peterson, America’s very own fascist esprit de corpus delecti has sent him a love letter or two via Newsweek.


When it comes to kidnapping we should not forget the nauseating Extraordinary Rendition program involving USA plus all the allies including Poland and the Baltics which lead to Guantanamo Bay which still exists.


How can the two Alexes find so hard to pronounce this guy’s name? Protasevich is named after 2nd century martyr St Protasios. 

What's in a name

Reply to 


May 25, 2021

His name and fate remind me of my broken Proctor Silex coffee maker that lasted about two months and was sent abroad for repairs, never to be seen again..


People like Protasevich are being duped and instrumentalized by the USA and the UK. They are made to believe they wil receive public recognition. They are true believers. It’s the work of that myriad of networked NGOs and think-tanks, led by the NED and the CFR. Some of them are also hoping for personal gain in the event of an upheaval. They cause great harm to their fellow countrymen, who wish to preserve stability and not chaos followed by subservience to Western domination and interests.


Yes, yes we know nasty Lukashenko captured his opponent using western methods but they were not a democratic capture, his was dictatorial in nature.Please can some tell these western clowns to get new script writers because these are becoming so boring.