Home News Bernie Sanders calls out MSNBC over campaign coverage

Bernie Sanders calls out MSNBC over campaign coverage


Page Six:

Bernie Sanders went ballistic at NBC and MSNBC execs ahead of the Democratic debate this week — jabbing one top TV exec repeatedly in the face with his finger and accusing the networks of offensive negative coverage.

Surging Sanders stormed through the walk-through for the Las Vegas
debate, singling out one top producer at the end and aggressively
sticking his finger in his face. One shocked witness said, “Bernie
marched right up to NBC and MSNBC’s head of creative production and
began jabbing his finger right in his face, yelling, ‘Your coverage of
my campaign is not fair . . . Your questions tonight are not going to be
fair to me.’ ”

Sanders did not hold back as he continued to rant about MSNBC coverage. According to the witness, “The NBC exec told Sanders he would be treated fairly.”

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