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Bernie Sanders Refuses to Question Joe Biden’s Mental Health


Appearing Monday at a Fox News Channel town hall event, 2020 Democrat candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) declined to question former Vice President Joe Biden’s mental health amid concerns that the Democrat primary frontrunner is in decline.

A partial transcript is as follows: 

BRETT BAIER: Senator, this isn’t a personal attack, but it gets to [the] question of Joe Biden’s mental acuity. It’s not something that just comes up anywhere. Democrats have brought this up, including Senator Cory Booker, who endorsed Joe Biden today.


SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: ’m not going to go at that level and attack him. Joe and I have – you know, that’s for people to decide. All I can say is that Joe and I have very significant political differences and I’m not going to be making personal attacks on Joe. That’s not what I do. I think as you know, Joe’s been in the Senate and I’m been in the Senate and Congress for a long time. Joe voted for the war in Iraq.

I lead the opposition against it. Joe voted for the Wall Street bailout. I voted against it. Joe’s been on the floor of the House over the years talking about the need to cute Social Security, veterans programs, and other benefits. I have led the opposition to those cuts. Joe supported the Hyde Amendment, which would deny low income women Medicaid funds for there own reproductive needs. I strongly disagree with that approach.

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