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Biden Admin to Offer $482M in Aid to Airline Industry


The Biden administration will give $482.3 million in funding to 313 businesses associated with the airline industry.

On Monday, the Department of Transportation announced it would offer the funding to 313 businesses in 37 U.S. states and territories, including Puerto Rico. The aid comes as part of the Aviation Manufacturing Jobs Protection Program, which was written into the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package President Joe Biden signed in March.

“For the past year and a half,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said, “our aviation industry workers have helped keep this economy moving, including by supporting the delivery of lifesaving medical equipment and vaccines. The funding announced today will save jobs and support the workers who have supported us throughout the pandemic.”

The program, the DOT announcement states, will offer companies linked to the airline industry funds that can be used “to pay up to half of the payroll costs for certain categories of employees engaged in manufacturing or repair, for up to six months” — as long as the company receiving the funds does not use them to “furlough or lay off” any employees.

The program aims to bolster nearly 23,000 jobs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Transportation Department noted that the pandemic has caused about 100,000 airline industry jobs to be lost, and hundreds of thousands more could still be at risk.

According to the Daily Caller, the program could benefit the airline industry and supply chains associated with it. Roughly 1.2 million of 2.2 million airline workers contribute to supply chains.

One company, Spirit AeroSystems, will receive $75.5 million to protect 3,214 jobs at the company.

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