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Just plain embarrassing…

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Heather Koutny

Which country has been built back up after being bombed by America and Europe? Can anyone answer me?


Rhona Mocke

This is so scary. This man is in charge of the most powerful nation on earth. Who is the boss, Obama? Is he running the show in the back.


Nice earphone – invisible, but it seems to work but not as good as a teleprompter.

Franz Beckenbauer

The more scary thing is the obvious complete corruption, brain- and spinelessness and willful cooperation of the complete western mainstream media.

How anybody can still report on this and not write the obvious truth is just baffling.

Putin is absolutely right. This is the USSR in 1988.


It beggars belief that this man is in charge of the second most powerful nation on earth. I remain at a loss to understand why his handlers think it’s a good idea to put him on public display when he is incoherent. Has the world gone mental or is it me?

Bob Valdez

Basically, in a nutshell, the world has gone mad. We are more or less fucked (pardon my french).


Your French is impeccable Sir! ????

Helga I. Fellay

It’s definitely not you, Fran. But it definitely includes all those who are running the show.


Of course, he never mentions that it is US sanctions and political machinations against Russia and China which are deliberately preventing the rebuilding of Syria as well as Iraq and Yemen. To say nothing of continued US occupation of Syria’s oil and grain producing region and support for the jihadists control over Idlib province. Biden may be a bumbling old fool but his policy is pure evil.

Helga I. Fellay

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June 14, 2021

Biden definitely is a bumbling old fool, and the policies they are forcing him to bumble with the help of prompters and ear plug are indeed pure evil.

Rachel Aspögård

Send him to the nearest geriatric Home please….


Better to send him to the nearest lamppost with a rope around his neck.

Bob Valdez

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June 14, 2021


William H Warrick III MD

That is what you get with a Clown ??? Show ???????????


I don’t see the problem with his statement. What I heard was him saying ” Russia wants to fix Syria and Libya. As long as our Al Qaeda Isis mercenaries are active in those countries, Russia is going to have an impossible time rebuilding those countries. That’s where we NATO G7 countries can help. That is our carrot or stick. If Russia plays ball, we can make it easier for them in Libya and Syria. If the don’t, we keep the chaos coming. ” Delivered by a kookie old senile man. It’s still a threat. However laughable.


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I thought that fond memories of his past evil deeds actually perked the walking death rattle up a bit.

He should be handed to Cuomo. Cuomo knew what to do to… I mean with senile old Pfucks like Pfedophile Joe.

What has become totally clear is that the Pedophile Death Cult in all its manifestations, NATO, G7, EU (Fourth Reich) the Five Eyes + Israel es Evil and cannot be redeemed. It must be destroyed by any means at available and at every opportunity.

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Carol Crummlish

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Such a travesty.


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