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Biden family damning documents go missing in transit [Video]


The Soviet States of America is trying to make its rise for sure. Tucker Carlson reports on how a trove of important and confidential documents related to the Joe Biden / Hunter Biden / corruption connection were apparently taken during transport of the documents to the West Coast. This was done to a package in transit via a prominent (but unnamed) document courier service. Think as an example, DHL, FedEx or something on that calibre.

We archived this video in case it, too, mysteriously should vanish from YouTube. These days, with Big Tech trying to manipulate voters for the 2020 election, lawlessness seems to be trying to get the upper hand.

There is a lot of news, so our pieces today will likely be rather short, but numerous. We ask our readers to use their God-given brains and connect the dots. We do not even have to draw the connections when it is this clear.

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