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Biden Gives 2 Word Response When Told Reporters ‘Look Forward’ to Him Holding a Press Conference



President Joe Biden says he is looking forward to holding a press conference. During an event on Thursday, a reporter asked, “Maybe a press conference soon, Mr. President?” “We look forward to that,” she added. Biden responded, “Me too.” At a separate point during the event, another reporter tried to ask the president about the government’s response to the virus. “We’ll talk about that later, c’mon,” Biden responded. Other reporters also tried to get answers to shouted questions. However, Biden did not respond to them. The request for a press conference comes as Biden nears the end of his first year in office, during which he held fewer press conferences than the last five most recent presidents. As the Associated Press (AP) notes, “The 46th president has held just nine formal news conferences — six solo and three jointly with visiting foreign leaders. Ronald Reagan, whose schedule was scaled back early in his first term in 1981 after an assassination attempt, is the only recent president to hold fewer first-year news conferences.”

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