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Biden shuts down COVID-19 “lab origination” investigation. Why? [Video]


Joe Biden says he wants the origins of COVID-19 to be thoroughly investigated.

Just not by the Trump-appointed team. No, he says, let the World Health Organization conduct it.

He means that World Health Organization… the one that played duck-and-cover for China when the virus first started its rampage in Wuhan, giving enough shade to that country to allow the virus to rapidly escape from China and to become a global pandemic, though thankfully, a far more feeble one than originally feared.

One has to listen carefully to see the strategy. The Trump appointed investigation might actually find the truth. The WHO lied before, and now that it has US support again, it can certainly lie again.

Who benefits?

Joe Biden, of course.

All this is cover for Biden’s own very corrupt relationship with China, carried out sometimes through his degenerate crackhead son Hunter.

In the amazingly clumsy political theatre that is the Hologram Administration, it is stunning how even on Fox, most of this news just gets reported without a hiccup. To anyone who half-listens to the news (which is the bet), the notion would at best sound like “Biden is stopping the Trump Administration ordered investigation to bring in real experts.”

However, this is exactly the opposite of the real story. The bet is that most Americans will never make the connection.

As with the upcoming summit with President Vladimir Putin in June, it would appear that this man is getting hung out to dry by the short hairs, so to speak, because Joe Biden is so corrupt that all anyone would have to do to control him is to threaten to leak, or openly speak about, how corrupt he is.

This may be the reason why news about the virus’ Wuhan lab origins and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s connection in supporting and funding the gain-of-function research (that likely resulted in COVID-19’s accidental release) is gaining ground rapidly in the American news cycle. Information that the rest of the world suspected – that the US was behind the creation of SARS-CoV-2, not China, is right on the edge of being publicly stated. Tucker Carlson has done all but say it, but the details of this issue are laid out so clearly that it only remains for the reporters to ask the question:

“Why is the United States funding gain-of-function research on weaponized viruses in China??

The answer to that question could well shake the US government to its foundations, and it would seem that Joe Biden or his handlers are aware of this and are feebly trying to fight it.

A complicit news media is the only means for this effort to succeed, and that complicity seems to be fading as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do new and different strange things every day.

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