Home News Biden suggests climate change behind global genocide, cancer

Biden suggests climate change behind global genocide, cancer



Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed climate change was behind increasing cancer rates as well as genocide in Africa.

Biden, whose propensity for gaffes has drawn concern from even the staunchest of allies, made the questionable claims during CNN’s climate change town hall on Wednesday.

“Look what happened in Darfur,” Biden said mentioning the southern region of Sudan, which has been wracked with ethnic conflict since the mid-2000s. “What’s Darfur all about, Darfur is all about the fact that sub-Saharan desert – because of the change in climate – no longer had enough arable land.”

“What happens if you get 10-12-13-15-100 million on the move, it causes wars,” Biden said proceeding to argue climate change was “personal.”

“Every one of you probably have a story, that can talk about what’s happened to something you care greatly about. Whether its a species or its your son or daughter coming down with cancer because of it.”

“We can do something, we have to act now,” he added.

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