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Bill Burr On CNN: ‘They’re F**king Treasonous Un-American Pieces Of Sh*t’


Bill Burr isn’t a fan of CNN.

According to the New York Post, the famous comedian recently discussed the network on “Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast,” and unleashed some very blunt thoughts. Burr told his audience that his mother-in-law fired up CNN while at his place, and he couldn’t believe what he saw. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“Do you know what those f**king morons are doing? Do you know what those f**king morons are doing? They’re f**king talking about Trump. I swear to God, I cannot believe people watch that channel. They’re so dumb…They’re f**king treasonous un-American pieces of shit,” Burr explained. He also added that CNN wants “Darth Vader” to be President because “it’s show business.”

You can listen to his full comments below. His rant starts around 15 minutes in.

Look, I know people at CNN, and they’re great people. While I don’t certainly think people over at CNN are “treasonous,” I do understand the frustration when it comes to cable news.

It’s borderline out of control and virtually no network has clean hands. The race for ratings has caused people to lose their minds, and Trump leaving office has been bad for business for many.

As of late June, CNN’s ratings were down around 50% from the same time in 2020. Clearly, ratings are falling off a cliff, and TV networks will do anything to turn that around.

CNN Loses Nearly Half Of Its Viewers In One Year https://t.co/ZkeTprTDty

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) June 30, 2021

You want some free advice that Burr would probably agree with? Turn off your TV more than usual, go outside, grab a few cold beers, call your parents and friends and just live your life.

We’re on this planet for far too short of a time to constantly be spun up. Take a deep breath from time to time and relax.

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