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Bill Maher Doubles Down: Recession Worth It If It Means ‘Getting Rid of Trump’


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Left hates Trump more than they love America

HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher made another desperate plea for a recession on Friday, saying that the economic downturn “would be very worth getting rid of Donald Trump.”

“So I’ve been saying for about two years that I hope we have a recession,” Bill Maher said. “And people get mad at me, as Sean Hannity thinks I’m actually causing a recession. I’m just saying we can survive a recession. We’ve had 47 of them. We’ve had one every time there’s a Republican president.”

“So, yes, a recession would be very worth getting rid of Donald Trump and these kind of policies,” Maher said after citing a dubious United Nations report that claims a million species are at risk of extinction.

Just a week earlier, the left-wing comedian was wishing for a recession as a means to oust President Trump.

“Well, you should be. Because that will definitely get him unelected,” said Maher, responding to political advisor Tom Nichols saying he’s “not wishing for a recession.”

“I really do,” Maher responded when challenged on his desire for an economic downturn. “We have survived many recessions. We can’t survive another Donald Trump term.”

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