Home News Bloomberg on rival candidates: “Donald Trump would eat ’em up.”

Bloomberg on rival candidates: “Donald Trump would eat ’em up.”



Mike Bloomberg says he’s not just another billionaire running for president. In an exclusive interview with “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King, Bloomberg spoke about President Trump, the other Democratic candidates including former Vice President Joe Biden, his own complicated history on the issue of race and policing, and why he chose to enter the campaign so late.

We spoke to Bloomberg Thursday in Aurora, Colorado, where he was talking about one of his signature issues, gun violence.

On Joe Biden: “I’m not trying to take his job…I’m trying to take away the job from Donald Trump”

GAYLE KING: I want to talk about you getting in the race, because when you were on “CBS This Morning” in September –

KING Sept. 10: Are you sitting here going, I wish I had done it?

MIKE BLOOMBERG: No, I never think back. There was not a road for me when Joe was in the race to get through because we would have split the votes.

KING: What happened between September and now?

BLOOMBERG: I looked at our national government getting worse, the way we’re behaving overseas and domestically, led by our president. I said back in 2016, “He is the wrong person for the job. He doesn’t have the temperament or the ethics or the intellect to do the job.” And I said, “We just can’t have another four years of this.” And then I watched all the candidates. And I just thought to myself, “Donald Trump would eat ’em up.”

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