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Bombshell Breakdown of Snowden’s New Book


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Radio host David Knight examines in detail Snowden’s ‘Permanent Record’ while asking the right questions

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September 18, 2019

Is Snowden’s new book a CIA tool?

Why would a major publisher print the book without first clearing it with the intelligence agencies?

David Knight examines in detail what Snowden says — what does the CIA’s secret “WikiLeaks” say about aliens and chemtrails? More importantly, what does Snowden say about 9/11, metadata, and GeoSpatial Intel?

#Snowden #PermanentRecord

I read it last night

Took copious notes?

I’ll tell you what’s in it

(If I can stay awake)

LIVE on today’s show

9am Eastern, 8am Central pic.twitter.com/PQdzv7ktvV

— David Knight (@libertytarian) September 18, 2019

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