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Brawls break out in malls across the US as last minute shoppers try to score deals



With the shopping frenzy at an all-time high as Christmas Day approaches, emotions are riding high at some of America’s malls, where fights have broken out between customers.

American shoppers spent a record $34.4billion on Super Saturday, the biggest single day in American retail history, according to Bloomberg News.

‘Paced by the ‘Big Four’ mega-retailers – Walmart, Amazon, Costco and Target – Super Saturday was boosted by the best traffic our team has seen in years,’ said Craig Johnson, president of the retail research firm Customer Growth Partners.

Johnson attributed the spending splurge to the strong economy, job growth, and disposable income.

While some shoppers enjoyed their buying experience, others got into fights.

Dramatic video footage from Cordova Mall in Pensacola, Florida, on Saturday showed a group of teenagers brawling right next to where children line up to meet Santa Claus.

The Pensacola Police Department is analyzing video and interviewing witnesses as part of evidence-gathering activities that could lead to arrests, WEAR-TV reported.

Amateur video recorded on witnesses’ cell phone was provided to the TV station on Saturday.

The clip shows about eight teenage boys kicking and punching each other.

The brawl led to damage to the mall’s Christmas display.

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