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BREAKING: Antifa Member Arrested for Bringing Gun to ‘End Domestic Terrorism’ Rally


According to a video which has just begun to spread on the web, an Antifa member has been arrested in Portland, Oregon for carrying a gun at the “End Domestic Terrorism” rally hosted by The Proud Boys.

The video was uploaded by The Post Millennial less than an hour ago:

Among the reporters at the event are Andy Ngo, who was severely beaten at the last Antifa/Right Wing confrontation in Portland.

He posted video of small skirmishes between Antifa and the right wingers at the rally:

Washington Examiner reporter Julio Rosas is on scene, too. He was chased away from the scene of the action by one man on the Antifa side. Police separated him from the crowd, and he reported that he was being told he was being provocative.

He came up to me again and people again surrounded me. He said I get hurt then that was on me. Police came back said I was provoking them by being there. pic.twitter.com/yHTx34CU50

— Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) August 17, 2019

Just before publication of this piece, it appeared on an NBC livestream that the man who confronted Rosas was arrested.

That stream can be viewed here:

Update: 3:54pm E.T.

Rosas confirmed that the arrestee was the man who was harassing him earlier in the day for filming.

Update: 4:20pm E.T.

Proud Boys founder shared a message on Telegram, telling his followers that the entire Saturday event was set up to “troll Antifa.” The Proud Boys have left the scene for “burgers and beers,” according to one reporter.

“[T]he plan was ALWAYS to troll antifa by setting up a massive rally that was only ever going to be Proud Boys crossing the bridge, planting the American flag, and going home,” he said.

This story is developing.