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BREAKING (VIDEO): Congress Pressures ABC For Spiking Pedophile Epstein Story


Megyn Kelly, in her desperate attempt to stay relevant, tried to convince House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to help her resuscitate her career via Instagram when the insane leftists abandoned her. The problem with this “Crack Down” is the hypocrisy of it considering it’s happened before and no one batted an eyelash.

Nearly 10 years ago, the story of a major news network having audio of a prominent figure’s wife confessing to the sexual abuse of a child by herself and her husband made headline news. The network held onto the audio for over 8 years and when that was publicized no one asked them why.

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Megyn Kelly decided to find a way to squeeze her way into relevance after her shift into the nefarious world of the FAKE NEWS media she couldn’t handle.

MK EXCLUSIVE: House Min. Leader Kevin McCarthy accuses ABC of endangering minors by spiking Epstein story in 2015: “ABC News’ enabling of Mr. Epstein [raises]…the possibility that any number of minors could have been spared from human trafficking over the past three years.”

— Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) November 18, 2019

MK EXCLUSIVE: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy turns up heat on ABC: demands answers about why they spiked the Epstein story. McCarthy to ABC News Pres. James Goldston: “I am deeply concerned that … ABC News chose to bury the truth.”

— Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) November 18, 2019

ABC buried the Jeffrey Epstein story three years ago after they had what the reporter caught on “hot mic” described as “EVERYTHING.” Testimony, evidence, pictures, and possibly more that could have assisted LAW ENFORCEMENT with the criminal acts alleged.

Project Veritas exposed ABC co-anchor Amy Robach being caught on tape expressing her frustration because she didn’t get to report the story. As a journalist myself, I have been told what I can and cannot report on many mediums. In fact, many of my articles from 2009 and onward (in my pen name and actual name) have been scrubbed by big name publications. This is because the INTERESTS of the publisher, such as advertisers and connections for content come first. This defies the “definition” of journalism as the average person understands it, because news is ALWAYS interest driven.

Many people across the United States of America don’t understand who or what Jeffrey Epstein was, nor what he did. Mainstream media tells you that he was a pedophile -a high profile pedophile because his friends and contact lists included royalty, leaders of nations, scholars, and corporate giants. As a result, he is somehow a character in a story. A very nefarious story. Journalism has been redefined. It’s evident that it is no longer about newsworthy content, but interest approved content.

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If the media outlets claim they report the news but they are biased, how are they reporting the news?

It is blatantly evident that the MSM (mainstream media) is attempting to redefine journalism as the voice of “The Party” and not of the people. In science, an axiom is considered the foundation for all questions and hypotheses to come as a point of reference. In journalism, the axiom of integrity and unbiased reporting of events that are of interest to their audience is not followed. It has been replaced over the years by the ruling “party”.

This move by the House Minority Leader is an incredible feat, but it also demonstrates that the MSM is finally going to be held accountable. To be fair, we should revisit why the House or Senate never got involved with the victim of Syracuse Coach Bernie Fine. Was the victim(s) not high profile enough, or did Bernie Fine not have high profile pedophile connections? (Spoiler alert: he did)

Courtesy of CNN and ESPN

The audio received by ESPN by the victim in 2003 was NOT turned over to authorities, nor was it turned over during legal proceedings (in 2005) in which the allegations against this prominent figure for pedophilia were being examined. In fact, when Mark Schwartz of ESPN was asked in 2011 WHY they didn’t hand it over they said it was because they hadn’t WITNESSED the act and or multiple victims had not come forward.

James Gunn being rehired by *DISNEY* to direct Guardians of the Galaxy is proof positive that Hollywood would rather work with pedophiles than Trump supporters

— Rogan O’Handley ?? (@DC_Draino) September 2, 2019

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Our exclusive source tells us that the real reason this happened was because they were scared of losing advertising revenue and blow back from the NCAA. Notably, ABC and ESPN are both owned by Disney who has a history of covering up and hiring (and rehiring) pedophiles and or alleged pedophiles.

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James Gunn Blog Post

One can only imagine how many stories and how many victims have been silenced at the hands of “journalists” that selectively report things. This is not something new and it’s incredible how silent the MSM is on Amy Robach’s statements.

Both ESPN in 2003 and ABC in 2016 (right before the elections) received first hand information of child sex crimes and did not report it – at the very least – to authorities.

If anything, these revelations about the MSM further demonstrate a lack of journalistic integrity, morality, and above all, their commitment to their audience to report facts. This just proves what President Trump has been saying all along. They are FAKE NEWS.

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