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Britain’s COVID-19 Winter Plan Has Lockdowns as Last Resort


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has indicated it will scrap plans for vaccine passports to be required to get into nightclubs, end some of its emergency COVID powers and use lockdowns only as a last resort.

Britain was setting out its coronavirus strategy for the winter months Tuesday, with booster vaccinations for the most vulnerable and elderly a central part of the plans for a country with one of the highest COVID-19 death tolls.

The policy is different in Scotland where the devolved government will require vaccine passports for entry to nightclubs and other large social gatherings from late September.

Johnson will lean on vaccines and testing to try and contain COVID-19 heading into autumn and winter. British officials Tuesday recommended COVID-19 boosters be given to all vulnerable people and those aged over 50, six months after their second dose.

All 12- to 15-year-olds in England will be offered a COVID-19 vaccine after top medical advisers said children would benefit from reduced disruption to their education.

Health Minister Sajid Javid has also told the BBC he wanted to “get rid of” PCR tests for travelers as soon as possible.

In July, formal limits on social contact, the instruction to work from home, and mandates to wear face masks were eliminated.

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