While the mainstream media (MSM) is trying to convince everyone that Joe Biden is innocent and that there is no there there…we are going to give you the skinny.

Below is a video that outlines the tiny violin the MSM is playing to convince you that Biden making threats in March 2016 of withholding $1 Billion U.S. backed loans to the Ukraine was all a coincidence. It’s laughable and clearly demonstrates that the MSM is not about NEWS, but they are clearly the PR firm for the swamp creatures of the U.S. political scene.

Obviously, a father wouldn’t know his son was appointed a director at, or received a $1.5 Billion loan from China because it’s chump change right?

Here is the timeline:

On December 13th, 2010, Yuriy Lutsenko who was appointed as Prosecutor General of the Ukraine in 2016, (following Biden’s threat) was charged with abuse of office and forgery by then-Prosecutor General of the Ukraine Viktor Pshonka, and did prison for the offense.

Lutsenko was charged and sentenced to four years imprisonment on February 27, 2012, for many things including embezzlement, abuse of office, providing manufactured information, and CLOSING the investigation on Burisma that was being initiated in late 2011. He was in Lukyanivska Prison between December 26, 2010 and April 7, 2013. He was released from prison because he supposedly had “health issues”, among other concerns by the President Viktor Yanukovych. The case of Lutsenko was one of the first “exit pardons” Yanukovych advocated for on his way out of office.

In late January 2014, as things were heating up and the President of the Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych was being chased out of the Ukraine (he is currently in exile) due to the Ukrainian revolution, Obama appointed Joe Biden as the point man for the Ukraine in February of 2014. Coincidently, Hunter Biden was appointed as a Director of Burisma, a natural gas company that former Internal Minister Lutsenko was accused of meddling with, to close down the investigation back in 2012.

Interestingly enough, a George Soros group called AntAC led the demonstrations against Shokin and others putting pressure around all his counterparts to resign and look where THEY were telling them to look for corruption. Once Kasko’s property and data was seized by Shokin, Biden flew to the Ukraine for a series of meetings.

In fact, the Anti Corruption Action Center (AntAC) is a George Soros NGO that claims to fight corruption. The funny thing is, the Netherlands – specifically the Embassy of the Netherlands – created the website for the Soros-funded NGO site.

Why is the Kingdom of the Netherlands making George Soros websites?

In December of 2015, Biden traveled to Kiev to hold multiple meetings with many of the country’s leaders and the key focus of discussion was how to stomp out and beef up their fight against corruption, and to minimize the power the oligarchs had in the Ukraine. Coincidentally, around that time Viktor Shokin had been investigating oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky of Burisma since 2012, even though Yuriy Lutsenko did everything in his power to stop it. The allegations Shokin had tabled were money laundering, tax evasion, and corruption, specifically the use of NGOs and foreign capital in way of influence and moving the needle on domestic and foreign policies. It seemed that many NGOs, including AntAC and the Obama administration, grew very concerned with Shokin’s actions and that he wasn’t doing his job right. They claimed Shokin was looking in the wrong places for corruption.

Thus, Joe Biden was appointed point man for Ukraine around the same time his son became the director at Burisma after the President of the Ukraine was expelled from the Ukraine, now living in exile. Notably, in February of 2016, Shokin’s Deputy Prosecutor, Vitaly Kasko, resigned after caving to protester pressure in 2016, denouncing the corruption and lawlessness of the prosecutor’s office. (Notably, Kasko now works at another George Soros-funded NGO called Transparency International.)

Just shortly after Kasko’s “public” resignation, he was accused of fraud and his property was confiscated a few weeks later. Kasko was linked to the Burisma money laundering allegations that Shokin resumed investigating once he was appointed Prosecutor General in 2015.

How did Hunter Biden get the Director job?

While many claim they don’t know how Hunter Biden came to the attention of Burisma, the timing and facts speak for themselves. Joe Biden was appointed by Barack Hussein Obama to be the point man for the Ukraine. A couple of weeks later, Hunter Biden and Devon Archer (who are business partners and both part of Rosemont Seneca Partners in Washington, DC.), joined the board of Burisma.

The company’s strategy is aimed at the strongest concentration of professional staff and the introduction of best corporate practices, and we’re delighted that Mr. Biden is joining us to help us achieve these goals.

Alan Apter Chair of Burisma

It’s very coincidental that the minute Hunter’s father is appointed by President Obama to be the point man for the Ukraine, he and his buddy are hired. What is even more coincidental is the timing of this statement.

Joe Biden was in the Ukraine in March of 2016, when Prosecutor General Shokin was unsealing indictments and arresting various persons. In fact, he had already expressed the frustration he had with the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine as they investigated Burisma and asked for information regarding Hunter Biden, who was being compensated almost $170K a month since early 2014.

Many MSM outlets are skewing timelines. Petro Poroshenko was appointed President of the Ukraine in June of 2014. In late December of 2015, on the heels of a frustrated discussion with the IMF and with Shokin pushing to prosecute oligarchs with deeply rooted connections to the U.S. and UK, including Zlochevsky of Burisma and their money laundering business, Biden began to intervene and protests began to occur.

It wasn’t until February 2016 that solid discussions with President Poroshenko, talking foreign aid and loan packages backed by the U.S. were starting to be discussed. Hence, the claim that #FAKENEWS “Intercept” put out skewing the timelines is simply PR for Biden – not news.

Intercept aka Biden Family Corruption PR firm:

Bottom line, Hunter got the lucrative director position with Burisma to oversee the financials once Joe Biden was appointed as Ukraine POC in 2014 by Barack Hussein Obama. Joe Biden threatened the Ukrainian government just in time to avoid his son and Burisma indictments to come to fruition in 2016. All claimed to be a coincidence. There is no way a parent wouldn’t know their kid is a director of a company – that is in the center of controversy – in a nation they have been appointed to be the POC for.

Funny enough, Biden was happy with the new prosecutor who is none other than Yuriy Lutsenko. The same Yuriy Lutsenko who went to jail for corruption and was pardoned, not just by the 4th President of the Ukraine, but even the corrupt EU Human Rights Council.

The prosecutor that Joe Biden approved of and PUSHED for was Yuriy Lutsenko. The problem for him to be appointed was that he was NOT a lawyer, which was a prerequisite for the position of Prosecutor General of the Ukraine. Thus, to make sure Lutsenko was able to be appointed to the position, the Ukraine changed their nation’s law to allow anyone, even without a legal background to be the top LAWYER (Prosecutor Genertal) of their nation. In turn the investigation into Biden’s son and Burisma -VANISHED upon the appointment of Lutsenko! If that doesn’t scream corruption, I don’t know what does.

Biden dropped out of the 1988 Presidential elections for being a liar. Now, 32 years later, he will drop out of the current race for being still being a liar.

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