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Buttigieg on Trump’s ‘Rantings’: ‘Stuff of Tin-Pot Dictatorships’


Wednesday on MSNBC, 202o presidential hopeful South Bend, IN Pete Buttigieg said President Donald Trump’s “ranting” about the House Democrats impeachment inquiry was “the stuff of tin-pot dictatorships.”

Buttigieg said, “Well, the simple fact is that these rantings are not the words of the leader of a democracy. When you are being criticized, let alone, when you’re being called out for wrongdoing responding by describing somebody who is calling you out or disagreeing as being disloyal to the country because they’re being critical of you, this is the stuff of tin-pot dictatorships, not the presidency.”

He added, “It’s sad, not just for the president, for the presidency itself, the country. Remember, this is the president of the United States. Your life and mine depend on the wisdom and judgment of the president of the United States, and these rants are a bad sign for all of us.”

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