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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Joe Biden Pledges to Not Comply with Senate Subpoena in Impeachment Trial

Joe Biden is promising to not comply if subpoenaed by lawmakers to testify at the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in the United States Senate. The former vice president, who had already ruled out voluntarily testifying at the impeachment proceedings, told NPR in an interview published on Monday he would not cooperate with a…

Mike Braun: ‘Good Chance’ Three Senate Democrats Could Clear Trump in Impeachment Trial

Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) told Breitbart News during a press conference Tuesday as many as three Democrat senators could vote to clear President Donald Trump of any wrongdoing during a potential Senate impeachment trial. Many establishment media outlets have speculated over whether some Senate Republicans could flip and vote to convict President Donald Trump during…

Elizabeth Warren Discloses $1.9 Million Made from Private Legal Work, Including Corporate Clients

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) disclosed on Sunday that she made nearly $2 million from past legal work –  including work for corporate clients. Warren revealed that she made $1.9 million from past legal work as part of her ongoing beef over transparency with Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D). The Massachusetts senator’s campaign originally released a comprehensive list of Warren’s…

Flashback: Michael Bloomberg Says Nanny State Proposals Earned Him Spot in Heaven

AP Photo/Seth Wenig Billionaire Michael Bloomberg once asserted that his numerous nanny state proposals – including his pursuit of banning large sugary beverages and enacting sweeping gun control measures – have earned him a spot in heaven. A flashback of remarks from Bloomberg has surfaced, featuring the former New York City mayor proclaiming that he…

Joe Biden Refuses to Explain What He Meant by ‘Roaches’ in 2017 Video

Former Vice President Joe Biden is refusing to explain what he meant when he used the term “roaches” at the renaming of a community pool in 2017. Biden, who is well known for the occasional nonsensical utterance, was honored by the city of Wilmington, Delaware, shortly after leaving the White House in July 2017. The event, meant…

Pete Buttigieg Denounces White ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protester Disrupting Black Supporters

Mayor Pete Buttigieg criticized a white Black Lives Matter protester on Thursday for taking a microphone from a black supporter. Buttigieg described the disturbance as “unfortunate.” “It shows kind of where politics has come to, especially for somebody to interrupt an African American woman who was speaking about her truth and her experience,” he said in…

Watch: Leftist White Man Steals Mic from Black Councilwoman Supporting Pete Buttigieg

Members of the South Bend, Indiana, African-American community stood up to support their mayor for president on Wednesday, but one white Black Lives Matter protester was not pleased. The man, wearing a Christmas-themed Black Lives Matter shirt, denounced black South Bend Councilwoman Sharon McBride and others joining her for wearing “three-pieced suits and leather jackets” while claiming…

Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads in California as Joe Biden Sinks

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is leading in California as former Vice President Joe Biden (D) sinks, a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll conducted for the Los Angeles Times and released this week found. The poll, taken November 21 -27, 2019, among 1,694 Californians who are likely to vote in the Democrat presidential primary, found Sanders…

Nancy Pelosi Snaps After Asked if She Hates the President: ‘Don’t Mess with Me’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) erupted following the conclusion of her Thursday morning press conference, angrily coming back to the podium after a reporter asked if she “hates” President Trump. Pelosi scrambled back to her podium after a reporter’s question caught her attention as she exited her press conference, angrily defending herself and citing her…

Judiciary Democrats Block Motion to Subpoena the ‘Whistleblower’

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday voted to block a motion to subpoena the “whistleblower,” whose complaint prompted Democrats to launch the impeachment inquiry. During the committee’s first impeachment inquiry hearing, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) moved to subpoena “the individual commonly referred to as the ‘whistleblower.'” After his motion, Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY)…
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